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There are many routes to a destination but to get there precisely you need to know True North


HEB Office Market

Compass will have detailed records on each building in DFW and will follow each property to see the increase in value or tenants to ensure we have the best information possible to buy buildings.


Document each office building that we service to know the problems each building has.


Reduce Overhead

There are many expenses that Compass realty LP has that could easily be covered. This could mean that we might lose money on a job, but that is better than no money coming in.


This would allow the maintenance sector of the company to have their expenses covered by outside employment, and the buildings would have to pay little to nothing for it.

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Making a Market Presence

Online marketing, word of mouth, and signage can really help Compass Realty get its name out there for maintenance requests. We should offer outside people an incredible rate per hour for home and office repairs for a whole month.


The reduction of cost and the quality of work will incentivize the customers to tell their friends and rehire us for future projects.

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